Pre-semester in Cuernavaca, Mexico

Before regular classes begin, you will spend two weeks in BCA's cultural orientation and intensive language program in Cuernavaca, Mexico. During this pre-semester program, you will study Spanish at UNIVERSAL Escuela de Lengua y Comunicación Social, and take a course focused on Mexican culture and history led by BCA’s resident director. The language course, plus the culture history course, will be listed as a single course and is worth three (3) credits.

Xalapa, Mexico

Depending on your Spanish language proficiency, you may take either regular university courses at the University of Veracruz (UV) or take courses designed for foreign students at the Escuela para Estudiantes Extranjeros (EEE). In general, you should have the equivalent of four semesters of college-level Spanish to consider taking regular university courses. EEE and UV courses earn anywhere from two to five academic credits, based on class time and coursework.

The University offers more than 100 undergraduate degrees and a wide range of courses in a number of disciplines including music, biology, photography, theatre, psychology, business, anthropology, archaeology, philosophy, social work, history and engineering. It also has 22 centers of research, a foreign language center, a school for foreign students, a child music education center, athletic facilities, and a library and information services system on the campus. 

In addition to courses at the UV or EEE, all BCA Xalapa students have the option to take BCA's Signature course taught by the resident director, Dr. Robert Kruger,  SOC375: Street Children and Popular Education: A Participative Approach (4 credits).

How to find University of Veracruz Courses

The University offers many courses and the best place to see what is available is the university’s website: Go to the Oferta Educativa link under “Docencia,” then look for your academic department of interest in the “Programa Educativo” box, using the arrow to move through the alphabet of programs. You will find listings for a large number of academic departments (called “Facultades”). Make sure you select the program with the letter E in the parenthesis after the name: this means it is the regular academic program, not a special program which we don’t have access to. Click on that program to see a list of courses offered. Many courses will include descriptions. Please note that this is a general list of courses and does NOT indicate actual course offerings and schedules for any given semester.